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We have meetings on the first Tuesday of most months.  Our group meets at the Greeville Campus of ECPI. Our normal room is room #236 but check the visual displays when you arrive to confirm.

In an ongoing attempt to make the content presented useful to our members we start each meeting with a short Q&A session.  Unless noted in the meeting notes the schedule for each meeting will be:

6:00 - 6:30 - Food and a chance to meet other SQL Server users. Sponsored by FGP

6:30 - 6:45 -
General Q&A session & Announcements

6:45 - 8:15 - Presentation(s)

8:15 - 8:30 - Question & Answer session

Upcoming Events

Next Meeting: Tue, Mar 03 2015

Be Your Own SQL SWAT Team

Language: English
Event Type: In-Person
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6:00 – 6:30 Pizza and Networking sponsored by FGP.
6:30 – 6:40 Announcements
6:40 – 7:00 Kiran Math: Lambda Architecture Part 2 - Move millions of rows from staging to production in seconds.
7:00 – 8:15 Ben DeBow: Be Your Own SQL SWAT Team
8:15 – 8:30 Closing remarks


UTC : Tue, Mar 03 2015 23:00 - 01:30
Event Time : Tue, Mar 03 2015 18:00 - 20:30 (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Your Local Time: Tue, Mar 03 2015 23:00 - 01:30


1001 Keys Dr
Greensville, South Carolina

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Featured Presentation

Be Your Own SQL SWAT Team

Speaker: Ben DeBow, Founder and CEO Fortified Data

Summary: Imagine you’re the new kid on the block or a consultant who walked onsite for the first time. Your employer may be expecting you to size up your surroundings in mere seconds, determine its status (healthy or armed and dangerous), and then attack the enemy with deadly force. But do you have the knowledge and/or skills to do so? Every DBA must need to know the good, bad, and ugly of his or her environment and configurations for SQL Server. Do you have servers at or exceeding capacity? Are you meeting your availability goals? Do you even know what your inventory of instances, servers, and databases is? Gathering that type of information is more than just a simple one-time health check – it’s a holistic approach to ensure that you not only know current state just today, but can always know what’s going on to prevent or predict issues down the road. This session will provide you with the knowledge to be able to put a plan to assess what’s going on now and build a basis for you to become a proactive, not reactive, DBA.

About Ben: Ben DeBow is an experienced consultant who works with customers of all sizes on their mission critical applications and SQL Server deployments. His versatility allows him to assist with everything from virtualization and consolidation to performance tuning, scaling systems, and everything in between. He has tuned and deployed some of the largest and most complex SQL Server solutions in the world. Ben is also the Founder and CEO of Fortified Data -

Lambda Architecture Part 2 - Move millions of rows from staging to production in seconds

Speaker: Kiran Math

Summary: Lambda Architecture Part 2 - Move millions of rows from staging to production in seconds.

About Kiran: None


Supplementary Materials

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The Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS) is an independent, not-for-profit association, dedicated to supporting, educating, and promoting the Microsoft SQL Server community. From local user groups and special interest groups (SIGs) to webcasts and the annual PASS Community Summit � the largest gathering of SQL Server professionals in the world � PASS enables knowledge sharing, in-depth learning, access to the Microsoft SQL Server team, and the ability to influence the direction of SQL Server technologies. PASS was founded in 1999 by Microsoft and CA and continues to enjoy executive level endorsement from both organizations. As the number one user community for Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft looks to the PASS community for valued feedback, input, and inspiration. PASS Mission Empower the global Microsoft SQL Server community to connect, share, learn and be inspired through networking, knowledge sharing, peer-based learning, and the ability to influence the direction of Microsoft SQL Server products and services.





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